The Exit List

The Exit List

Two contestants enter a giant 26 room Memory Maze. Somewhere in the maze, in one of the rooms in the back row, is a vault containing £100,000.

But the further contestants go into the maze to find it, the harder it is to get out, because to leave with the money, contestants must remember their EXIT LIST.

In order to progress through the maze they must answer a general knowledge question in each room with four multiple-choice options.

With every answer given, the contestants’ Exit List grows. In order to leave the maze, they must remember every item on this list.

Also, randomly hidden in the maze are five ‘Panic Rooms’.

In a Panic Room there’s no money to be won. Instead they are faced with an instant memory challenge. They are shown ten items with pictures that they must remember. They are then presented with these pictures without the answers and given ten seconds to identify them. Everything they don’t identify is turned into a code.

Should the contestants be at the edge of a row and get a question wrong, their route ahead is blocked and they can go no further.

They then have a choice. They can either turn back, or unblock the route ahead by giving back all the money they have won so far. So they can carry on, but their case will now be empty.

Each pair can decide it’s time to exit the maze at any point. When they decide to turn back, there’s a dramatic lighting change and the route they took into the maze disappears.

Only one of the two will get to recite the list. In every vault there are two rods, one shorter than the other. The contestant who draws the shorter rod will recite the list while the other leaves the maze immediately and joins the host.

Then there’s a twist. The non-playing partner is made a monetary offer. If they believe their other half will not escape, successfully reciting the list, they can take it. But if they do escape they will still only take home the lower offer amount. If they reject the offer though and their partner does not get out they will go home with nothing. The non-playing partner places their decision in secret.

The contestant who is still in the maze gets 10 seconds for every room they’ve been in. So if they’ve been in six rooms, they get 60 seconds.

Every time they enter the correct room they must offer up an answer: a single answer (from where they got their questions correct), a set of four (from where they got their questions incorrect) or a Panic Code (from the panic room).

While they don’t have to remember every item on their list in order (they can offer items on their list in any order they like), they do have to remember the route they took into the maze and retrace the rooms they entered the maze in exact reverse order.

Once they have completed their list or failed, the couple is reunited and the decision made by the non-playing partner is revealed. Did they make the right call?

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' "Watch it. It's nail-biting stuff"

Steve Corbett, The Sun

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