Man V Fly

Man V Fly

MAN V FLY is the centuries-old sport that codifies the epic battle between man and fly. The rules of the game are simple: one man (or woman, or transgender person, or child), one fly, one minute to kill it for a hundred quid.

The man and the fly inhabit a padded cell, the arena known as the Fly Dome. If the man kills the fly within 60 seconds he wins the money. If the fly survives for the entire minute it is granted manumission and flies off to freedom. There are 9,999 officially-sanctioned methods of killing a fly and each of these is a legitimate technique in Man v Fly. These include the fly being karate chopped by a martial arts blackbelt, slapped with a sea bass, squished by a ballistic pancake, terminated by a pantomime horse, or hunted in a mobility scooter and snuffed with an extendable mop.

Irreverent expert commentary accompanies each bout - including analysis from legendary Pro Fly Swatting Champion Pat Cowell - as professionals, amateurs and even celebrities take on the oldest challenge known to man.There can only be one winner in the fly dome. It’s either MAN, or FLY.

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