Comissioned for its second series in 2012, BBC Daytime controller Liam Keelan, who ordered the show, described it as a “a fresh new addition to our daytime quiz line-up, which has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.”

The format: 6 players at the start, a prize pot at the end, and 25 questions between them.

If they cross the line together, they split the money between them. But, at any time, anyone of them could BREAKAWAY from the pack…and try to win all the money for themselves.

Taking place on a 100-foot LED track, the six contestants must choose whether to progress down the track as a team and share the prize money, or risk crossing to the adjacent ‘Breakaway’ track in a bid to keep all the cash for themselves.

Every show is different, each with very different outcomes as players wrestle with whether to stay in the safety of the crowd, or stand out in a bid to take all the money.

Presented by Nick Hancock, the show was Exec produced by the BBC’s Pam Cavannagh and Gogglebox’s Steiner and Adam Wood.

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