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Channel 4 Reveals The Untold Tommy Cooper

Never-before-seen footage of late comedian Tommy Cooper will be revealed in a new documentary for Channel 4.

The Untold Tommy Cooper is being made by Gogglebox Entertainment and Noel Gay Television.

It will feature archive film and audio that have never been broadcast as well as details from his manager Miff Ferrie’s diary.

A range of contributors have been interviewed for the 90-minute doc, including some of the comedian’s most famous fans and the people who attempted to save his life the night he collapsed and died on stage.

Title: The Untold Tommy Cooper
Channel: Channel 4
Producer: Andy Humphries
Length: 1 x 90 mins
TX Date: Late 2011
Commissioner: Shane Allen

The film will look at Cooper’s personal and professional life providing insight and detail taken from Ferrie’s diary.

Gogglebox’s Mat Steiner said: “The discovery of this archive offers up new insights into Cooper’s fascinating 35-year relationship with his manager and also how, in latter years, Cooper the family man and Cooper the legendary entertainer actually began to meld into one.”

C4 head of comedy Shane Allen ordered the film, which is due to be shown late 2011.

It is being produced and directed by Andy Humphries, who has previously directed The Secret Life of Bob Monkhouse, Being Ronnie Corbett and Not Again – Not The Nine O’clock News.

By Balihar Khalsa