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Young War Widows Reviews

A young war widow whose husband was murdered by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan recalls how she told her very small children that their dad had died: “A naughty mister put a bomb in the road… Daddy won’t be coming back.”

Katharine English’s tender film is a tapestry of stories like this: snapshots of grief, denial, anger, despair and, eventually, small chinks of hope as three young widows tell their stories. One looks at her wedding video and pauses her husband’s beaming smile (“For ever for us was very short”), another watches, again and again, the cheerful wave her husband recorded on the camera he took to war.

Tears, of course, are never far away when the women remember their last professions of love as their husbands left, and the knock on the door that changed everything for ever. “We were perfect,” says one widow. “That’s what hurts.”

Radio Times Friday 1st April

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