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The thought of this show is enough to give you amnesia.

Pity the contestants who have to answer questions and memorise an ever-growing list of words while surrounded by blue lights ?and TV cameras. Then, of course, there’s the fear of the panic room: red lights, an alarm and knowing that your memory is going to be taxed even further.

It’s great to see such an original game show and host Matt Allwright is low-key enough not to detract from the mounting tension. Will this week’s contestants make it through the maze to scoop the 100,000 pound jackpot?

What's on TV Tuesday 17th January

Watch it. It’s nail-biting stuff”

Steve Corbett, The Sun Tuesday 10th January

A brain-bending new game show”

The Daily Telegraph Saturday 7th January

We love a game show, and this offering hosted by Matt Allwright is lots of fun.

Contestants descend into a maze and, in each of the 26 rooms, they are faced with a question with four possible answers to win cash. But the further they go in, the harder it is to get out. And in order to escape with their money, they must remember their exact route out.

OK, so it’s a bit tricky to explain, but it’s cracking to watch!”

TV Times Tuesday 3rd January

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